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Seeking Recovery’s IOP Program


Montana Medicaid Requires 6+ hrs of treatment for high tiered bundled IOP services. This includes:


2- 2 ½ hr groups a week

  • One educational lecture (see list of educational topics)

    • PET scans that show in internal damage of addiction

  • One Process Group

    • Connecting with other group members and sharing common struggles and problem solving techniques.

    • Once a month each group meets inside the facility for dinner and learns social connection.

  • Groups run 4 nights  a week

1- 1 hr Individual Chemical Dependency Session

  • 60 min sessions

  • Emotional Support Animal onsite if needed during session

1- 1 hr Mental Health Individual Session (if required)

1- 1 hr session with Peer Support

  • Client’s get help with getting their basic needs met which allows more time to focus on their treatment

Scheduled and random urinalysis weekly

  • IOP is a minimum of 4 months


All services listed above are mandatory unless client sees an outside mental health provider. It is Seeking Recovery’s policy that continuity of care is of utmost importance and therefore, all clients already established with an outside mental health providers are encouraged to continue that relationship.

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