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"When the emotional pain is greater than the desire to use,   the addict will seek recovery"

     600 Central Plaza

Suite 408

Great Falls, MT 59401

Office: 406-205-3433

 Fax: 406-315-2327


Seeking Recovery was originated because so many addicts seeking treatment are rushed through treatment programs without given the proper education and tools needed for long term sobriety. Although relapse is part of the process of addiction, many addicts were found to not have been given the intensive counseling needed to get to the root of their addiction so it may be addressed, processed and become part of their past instead of a consistent problem in the present.

Available Treatments

Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Programs

Mental Health Counseling

Educational lectures/ Processing Groups

Co-Occurring Groups

Peer Support

Emotional Support Animal

Urinalysis Testing

Prime for Life Classes

For correspondence regarding our program, email

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